Lil' Blues Kim & John Heals


Lil’ Blues Kim & The Triple Teaz have been entertaining Calgary and area audiences with their brand of rockin’ blues and classic rock, since their debut appearance at the 2007 Burn Care For Kids Benefit concert. 

After taking a few years away from the bar circuit Lil’ Blues Kim was approached during a local jam session and publically asked to perform at the BCFK concert.  “I couldn’t turn down such a worthy cause.” recalls Kim. “It was also the best reason yet to make a comeback to the local music scene.  “I was starting to miss gigging, meeting people and wanted to start playing again,” notes Kim.   Equipped with a good reason to play, a couple of months before a concert and no band, Kim set to work, and The Triple Teaz were born.

This high energy rockin’ blues/rock group has seen only a couple of line up changes since their birth in 2007, when Greg Collins left the group to pursue other interests.  Greg was replaced by Suga’ Sticks Bryce Sandstrom who remained with the group until June 2009 when he was replaced by Jim Llewellyn.   In January 2010, John Heals was brought into the band as lead guitarist when Southpaw Bawb found himself on the road and his availability was reduced.  

The successes of Lil’ Blues Kim & The Triple Teaz continues to mount, with growing shows and growing audiences.   The band’s level of professionalism, high energy rockin’ blues/classic rock and energetic stage shows brings smiles and good times to those that attend. 

Lil' Blues Kim

Jim Llewellyn

Southside Mike

John Heals